Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Grandma's Visit

I honestly think I have the BEST mother-in-law out there! She is amazing. . .always has been! If you know her, you know she has such a kind, sweet spirit! Her love for the Lord is evident in EVERYTHING she does! She is such an inspiration to me! I am so thankful that the Lord has blessed my boys with such an amazing Grandma!

We had the great pleasure of having Isabel here with us this last weekend! We were super excited as she lives near Austin and we do not get to see her often enough.  My sister-in-law and her family were attending one of their nieces quinceaƱera.  So, my mother-in-law road up with them.    We had a GREAT time with her! Elijah was super excited as his new major interest in life is to learn Spanish.  He has even figured out how to turn his portable dvd player from English to Spanish.  He now watches all of his movies in Spanish! haha!  Isabel was thrilled to give Elijah a few Spanish lessons throughout the weekend.  He learned to say several phrases. Besides learning Spanish, we had a great time hanging out and relaxing with Grandma! And of course, we had our great conversations! I love getting to hear her wisdom!!

Ricky's sister and family stayed the night Saturday night and attended church with us.  We FINALLY got the kids to sit with Grandma and take a picture right before we left for church(I really think this is the first time they would all cooperate at the same time!!!)! The only thing missing is our beloved Popo!!! We missed you Popo! Thanks for coming to see us Grandma!!! 

Elijah (4), Isabel, Jocelyn (2), Jonah (5), Jaimee (6), and Kyle(1)