Monday, August 10, 2009

The Garzon's are. . .

Ricky and I along with the boys have been in what I have called "a time of transition" for over a year. Back in the spring of 2008, Ricky stepped down as the youth pastor at the church we were serving in at the time. He did this with the plan of getting a full time job and continuing to lead worship at said church. However, this plan(as most of OUR plans) did not work out. He continued to apply for job after job and while many things seemed promising. . . nothing seemed to work out. After what seemed like an eternity some days, Ricky found a job and I continued to teach. We both knew that this was not our calling and were constantly seeking where we were supposed to be and what we were supposed to be doing. We had some really rough days throughout this time but one thing that this time did was bring us unbelievably closer! For months, I have known that the calling on my life right now is to be at home with Elijah(when he isn't at school) and Kyle. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE teaching and will miss it immensely but for NOW my place is to be at home with my babies. This was a scary thing to realize as my teaching salary was the major source of income for our family. I shared this with Ricky often and after much prayer we both knew that I needed to not sign my contract for the 2009-2010 school year. This meant at of the end of August we would not have that major source of income. While this was an extremely scary thing, I was excited beyond belief to be a stay-at-home-mom but more importantly to see what the Lord did in our lives. Meanwhile, Ricky has been applying and applying and applying at churches. . . . If you are unfamiliar with this process. . .lets just say it isn't always easy. As with most jobs, the waiting is the hardest. After finding out that Ricky was the runner up candidate for two different jobs, we were getting a little heart broken. We were scared, nervous, anxious, all the typical emotions when your future is uncertain. At this point we knew what we had to do. . .we had to have faith that the Lord we love would take care of us just as He has promised us He would. In June, Ricky and I began doing something we have never done as a married couple (although we should have been doing all along). . .we began reading the Word and praying together nightly. Our faith has grown leaps and bounds and we fall more in love with Jesus together as a couple every night. That hour has become the sweetest of the 24 each day for me. I look forward to sharing my love of the Father with the earthly man that I love the most. We began to truly pray for our future. We asked that the Lord would open the doors that He wanted us to walk through and close the ones He didn't. I could tell you some truly amazing stories about how He did this! We have just watched in amazement this summer as the Lord began to reveal His plan for our lives. We were not always patient and we did not always have the faith that we should have but we continued to be there for each other and continued to seek the Lord's heart. So, all that being said. . .we are MOVING!!!! :) God has orchestrated some truly amazing things and we are ecstatic for our future!

We will be loading up and pulling out of Amarillo on August 22nd. We will be moving to Taylor, Texas with Ricky's parents during our next "transition" time! They have graciously agreed to allow us to stay with them for an extended time. Ready for the best part? We will be moving to the San Antonio area as soon as we can!! We are going to be a part of an amazing church plant called Revolution Church in the Shertz/Cibalo area. We are excited beyond belief that God has chosen us to be involved with this! The church will begin weekly services at the end of January 2010. However, there is much to do in the mean time.

While we are excited about what the Lord is doing there is still some fear and anxiousness that creeps in. We would covet your prayers for our family! Here are some specific areas:

*That our boys would handle this not one but two moves with ease. Elijah is our biggest
concern as he is dependent on consistency. Which is why we have decided to enroll
him in pre-school while we are in Taylor. (and the way this has all worked out is
another amazing story)

*After many months, we have decided to rent our house here in Amarillo rather than sell.
Please pray that God would send us a person/family to rent our house.

*For Ricky to find a job in Taylor to provide for us before we can get to San Antonio.

*Pray for our relationships to continue to grow/develop with the Launch Team that is
already established for Revolution Church.

*That we can get moved and settled in San Antonio swiftly.

*Please pray for Revolution Church in general as well as Zak White the pastor.

What would a blog be without a picture. . .our amazing friend Kara Mercer took pictures of us this summer. Here is one of our family pics. . .