Sunday, October 30, 2011

Not According To Plan

Do you ever have one of those days? One of those days where you really want things to go "right" yet nothing does? We had one of those days around here Saturday. We had put off buying the traditional big pumpkin until Saturday. Our plan was to go get a pumpkin, get the traditional fall pumpkin patch pictures, and come home and carve some jack-o-lanterns. Sounds fun, right?!?!

Well, start off with Friday morning at our pediatricians office, sweet Annabella has double ear infections. She has been STRUGGLING with allergies for the last month or so. Thus resulting in not so fun ear infections. To be honest, she is such a good, content, thumb sucking baby that I wouldn't have really known anything was wrong. But, her allergies were turning into a yucky cough and I thought we should get that checked out. Cough is fine. . .ears are NOT! :( She has been a trooper but has definitely needed extra snuggles this weekend.

Well, there went the plans! With her being on an antibiotic and still taking allergy medicine, she is awfully lethargic. And, I really didn't want her out in the wind, etc with yucky ears. So, I told Ricky we would have to skip the fun fall pictures this year. :( The boys still wanted to carve jack-o-lanterns though. Ricky and the boys ventured off to get pumpkins leaving Annabella and myself(also feeling under the weather) at home.

The boys returned with two pumpkins ready to be carved. Each boy had picked one and had a plan of what they wanted their pumpkin to look like.

Kyle excited for pumpkin carving.

And then the pumpkin carving began. . . .

Elijah telling Daddy how to draw his pumpkin

Elijah finally sticking his hand in the pumpkin. . .LOVE the face! ha

Kyle's face when we told him it was his turn to put his hand in the pumpkin.

Elijah decided it wasn't THAT bad. . .ha!

Following this, I quit taking pictures. I usually photograph the entire process. However, we had a situation that needed to be tended to. You see, if you don't know Kyle very well, then I will have to explain. He is a LOT like his Daddy was when he was little. He gags ALL the time, chokes A LOT, and throws up quite often. BUT, something new happened last night as we were trying desperately to salvage a yearly tradition at our house. He was SO grossed out by the THOUGHT(he never even got close to putting his hand in) of touching the pumpkin guts that he THREW UP. . .TWICE! He was so sad. And of course, this grossed Elijah out. Therefore, the only person left in the kitchen carving pumpkins. . .Ricky. Family Fun Fail!!!!

The final products

And just because it is too cute not to share. . .
I can't get enough of that cute little ruffled bottom sticking up in the air!