Saturday, June 23, 2012

Growing Up

 I have always tried(emphasis on the word tried) to enjoy every stage with my babies.  Sometimes that is very difficult such as when they are a tiny newborn and scream for 3 solid months, are in a terribly whiney stage, or in the 'NO' stage.  Sometimes, that is not as difficult such as when that screaming newborn finds her thumb and realizes life isn't so bad, that whiney child takes a nap and feels better, or when a child finally learns the word yes! But, I've having a very difficult time with the newest stage in our sweet girls life.  She is 13 months old, nearly 14 months.  She is precious, sweet, funny(and knows it), and such a pure blessing to our family.  However, last Tuesday, she broke my heart! My precious girl decided on her own that she no longer wanted a bottle(of cows milk) and no longer wanted to rock.  Without a peep(usually), she lays down, cuddles her blanket and bear, and goes to sleep.  With the boys, I thought this was a great accomplishment.  And really, not rocking her for 30-45 minutes does make the evenings easier.  However, I just wasn't ready for this. . .

 My beautiful baby girl

And, I'm also not quite sure when these sweet, handsome guys got so big either. . . 

Monday, June 18, 2012


. . .it has been 232 days since I logged on to this blog.  33 weeks since I sat here to write about the happenings of our little family.  7 1/2 months.  I almost gave up on it.  BUT, here I am!

Obviously, a lot has happened around here since I last wrote.  Here are some highlights. . . 

Halloween 2011 Obviously a Storm Trooper and Darth Vader need a strawberry to escort them. :) 

 Miss Annabella sitting up

 Somehow, I NEVER take pics at Thanksgiving.  This is the day after tradition of Christmas decoration. (And the only one I took this year!)

 Since the 1st Christmas we have been married, I've been asking Ricky to take me to the Nutcracker.  He FINALLY did this year! So fun! :) 

 My precious babies 

 Elijah singing with the FBC children's choir for the last time

 Annabella figuring out the present thing

 Elijah getting MORE legos

 Kyle opening gifts.  We enjoyed a very quiet Christmas at home.

 It snowed.  . .a little.  The other side of our yard had NO snow! ha

 We got to stop in Texhoma and see some sweet friends.

 This guy turned 4! 

 We went to LegoLand in Dallas.

We were very excited! 

 We often refer to her as our "trooper".  She is always content to just follow along! 

I was given this shirt as a baby gift for one of the boys.  I loved it but thought it was a little too girly.  I saved it hoping one day I would have a sweet girl to wear it.  :) 

 This guy turned 7!!
Just for fun! :) 

Toothless Elijah

 This guy turned 31!!

 Elijah ADORES this precious girl! He was thrilled she got to come over for a play date.

 She LOVES to swing.

 Enjoying our spring break in Guymon with Grandpa and Grandma.

 I just can't get enough of this girl.  :) 

 Easter 2012(I think I figured out where Elijah gets the eyes closed in pictures thing)

 Glow sticks in the bath. . .they had a BLAST!

 One of my favorite outfits! 

 Not sure how this happened but this girl turned 1!!!!

 Mother's Day 2012

 Kyle is playing(we use that turn loosely) soccer.  :) 

 Last Day of MDO 2012(I didn't get a pic of Annabella)

 Last Day of 1st Grade!