Monday, October 27, 2008

Fall Fun

For the longest time, I dreaded the coming of Fall.  I was a summer swimmer and always knew that summer was gone for good for the current year when the leaves and temperature started falling! Now that I am older, I enjoy fall.  I look forward to the change and the fun things that we get to do with the boys.  Up until this year, Elijah was still really too young to understand the fun of dressing up, carving pumpkins, playing in piles of leaves, footie pajamas(see previous post), etc.  This year has been so much fun as he has taken so much delight in each activity! 

I thought I would post some pictures of some of the "fall" outings we have been on! Please bare with me, our camera is old and outdated! I hope you enjoy the images even if they aren't great quality!

WT Football Game(If you know me you know I LOVE football! I was so sad that the ONE game we go to, they lose! SO sad!!!)

I don't know if we will ever get one where we are all looking where we are supposed. . .

"Fall" Carnival at Elijah's School

Here are the boys ready to go have some fun. . .

Silly Elijah enjoying the maze!
Sweet Kyle along for the ride. . .as always! :)

Pumpkin Patch

A pumpkin patch went to Elijah's school several weeks ago.  He was allowed to pick out a "big" pumpkin.  He was ecstatic  about this.  We deicded this would be the year to go ourselves and let him pick out a really large pumpkin to carve a Jack'O'Lantern.  Needless to say it was an adventure as neither Ricky nor I had previous experience with carving! Elijah had fun none-the-less and ended up convincing us to carve his "big" pumpkin he got from school as well!

My Sweet Boys. . .Elijah refused to sit on the ground next to Kyle.  He is such a "rule" follower.  He saw that he was supposed to sit on the step and refused to do anything but that!

The beginning of the "Happy" Jack'O'Lantern. . .if you know Elijah very well then you know this is a HUGE thing for him to have his hand in the slimy pumpkin!

Almost there. . . notice the plastic green knife. . .he had to help! :)

The finished products! :)

Trick or Treating

Last but not least is trick or treating! Elijah actually remembered doing this last year and was very excited.  We live on a cull-de-sac with exactly 21 houses(including ours).  So, we only spent about an hour out and about but he thought it was great! Again, our sweet Kyle was along for the ride! :)

Sorry this post was so long. . .I don't seem to have time to periodically post so mine end up being a mile long! 

Monday, October 13, 2008

Footie Pajamas

We have been surprised over the last few days with a sudden burst of winter like weather here in the panhandle! This meant that the winter pj's had to come out tonight.  Elijah, being our wild, crazy, and hot sleeper, hasn't worn "footie"  pajamas since he was an infant! However, we got some hand-me-down ones that have Buzz Lightyear and Woody on them.  So of course he has been dying to wear them.  So, tonight was the night!!! He thought they were very cool! He kept looking at himself in the mirror(or window as he likes to refer to it) and saying these are my cool jammies! haha :)  We tried to teach him how to slide on the kitchen floor but he didn't really get the point! I had to confess to Ricky after he was bewildered by how giddy Elijah was in his jammies that I was the same way. For some reason, being snuggly in footed pj's for the first time just made me feel that way. . .obviously my little guy feels the same way! haha!

Here is a picture of both the boys in their winter, footie jammies:

Once the boys got into their pj's, I had to snuggle into my own including my abandoned house shoes.  I was sitting on the couch with my house shoes on and Elijah informed me I wasn't supposed to wear my shoes on the couch(maybe he does pay attention!!!).  I proceeded to explain to him that the shoes were only for the house and could be worn on furniture as could his Curious George house shoes.  Several minutes later, Elijah emerged from his bedroom sporting some shoes over his footed pj's.  

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sleeping Babies

I love taking pictures of my little guys! But for some reason, I can never resist snapping a picture of them when they are sleeping! I just think they make some of the cutest pictures! Some of these are just funny and some I think are so sweet! :)

Elijah has always been our "crazy, wild" sleeper including sleep talking and walking(just like Mommy)!  I tried to mix in a few from when he was younger as well.

You can't tell but he is standing up laying his head on the arm of the couch. . .asleep!

He loved his Dora!

And his Silky!! 

This happened on a regular basis.

Notice the candy??

And the corn dog?

Hard to tell but one foot is on the ground

 A very, very sleep Incredible Hulk

Elijah's new nightly routine! He gets up when he needs to go potty and lays in our closet or on the rug in the bathroom! Haha! Silly kid!

Kyle has always been our "calm, peaceful" sleeper!  Now, I realize there aren't nearly as many pics of Kyle but there will be more to come, I'm sure! :)

I think this was the ONE time he sucked his thumb!

Isn't he sweet?

Haha! He couldn't stay awake for the next bite!

Asleep at the fair!

He loves the same "silky" his brother did!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008


So, I have a myspace and a facebook but decided I needed a site that is just a blog just for the ease! So, here is my maiden blog! :)

Elijah is our 3 1/2 year old.  He is in preschool this year(which is SOOO hard for me to believe!)! He has the same teacher for 3 year old preschool that he had for 2 year old preschool! We were thrilled when we found this out as Elijah ADORES Miss Heather and we think she is just fabulous! Needless to say, there was already a bond between the two of them when school started several weeks then.  Since then, he has also become quite fond of his other teacher Miss Larissa! The most interesting thing about Elijah being in preschool is the great stories Ricky or I get to hear upon picking him up! So, I thought I would share a few and dub them Elijah-isms(since they always called my blonde moments Kallie-isms).

Elijah-ism #1 
I always thought I wanted to teach little bitty kids.  So, when I did my student teaching, etc.  I was in pre-k, k, or 1st! I swore I never wanted to go above that(of course ended up in 4th grade!) so I know a lot of the great Dr. Jean and other songs that are sung by preschoolers! I have been teaching Elijah different "preschool" songs since he was a tiny baby! I never really thought much about it until he started preschool and knew the songs that were being taught to him.  However, I never expected him to do what he did on Wednesday! His lovely teachers were going to teach the class the days of the week song.  Honestly, this is one that Elijah and I have only sung a couple of times. But, as soon as they started, Elijah piped up and said, "hey that's my song" and proceeded to teach the ENTIRE class the song! :) 

Elijah-ism #2
On Friday, I left early for the rare chance to get to pick Elijah up.  His teachers started cracking up when I got there! They informed me that Elijah had not taken a nap that day and it was partially their fault.  A few minutes after nap-time began, Elijah got off his mat, walked over to the table where his teachers were sitting, sat down, and said "I don't want to take a nap. . .I just want to sit here and talk to my 'gwirls'!!!" Haha! :) Of course this caused them to laugh and just made Elijah be even more of a clown. . .hmmm does that sound like Ricky to anyone else?!?!?

Elijah-ism #3
Elijah LOVES movies! It is his one indulgence(he doesn't drink pops, eat lots of sugar, play video games, etc)! One of his favorites is Cars or Wightening McQueen as he calls it! Every Thursday at his school, the preacher from the church does chapel time with all the 3 year-old and 4 year-old classes(I would like to be a fly on the wall for this!).  Well, the preacher decided to share a story about Sally the Snake! Elijah STOOD UP with over 50 other kids in the room and ALL the teachers and said "Sally's not a snake . . .Sally's a car!" I think this is quite humorous but I would have died if I had been there! :)

Here is a picture of my little stinker:

Just thought I would add a picture of Kyle's newest accomplishment! He is crawling! WAHOO! :) Ricky and I think this is great but Elijah isn't too sure! Kyle has already gotten hold of far too many of Elijah's toys since this great thing happened a few days ago!