Monday, October 13, 2008

Footie Pajamas

We have been surprised over the last few days with a sudden burst of winter like weather here in the panhandle! This meant that the winter pj's had to come out tonight.  Elijah, being our wild, crazy, and hot sleeper, hasn't worn "footie"  pajamas since he was an infant! However, we got some hand-me-down ones that have Buzz Lightyear and Woody on them.  So of course he has been dying to wear them.  So, tonight was the night!!! He thought they were very cool! He kept looking at himself in the mirror(or window as he likes to refer to it) and saying these are my cool jammies! haha :)  We tried to teach him how to slide on the kitchen floor but he didn't really get the point! I had to confess to Ricky after he was bewildered by how giddy Elijah was in his jammies that I was the same way. For some reason, being snuggly in footed pj's for the first time just made me feel that way. . .obviously my little guy feels the same way! haha!

Here is a picture of both the boys in their winter, footie jammies:

Once the boys got into their pj's, I had to snuggle into my own including my abandoned house shoes.  I was sitting on the couch with my house shoes on and Elijah informed me I wasn't supposed to wear my shoes on the couch(maybe he does pay attention!!!).  I proceeded to explain to him that the shoes were only for the house and could be worn on furniture as could his Curious George house shoes.  Several minutes later, Elijah emerged from his bedroom sporting some shoes over his footed pj's.  


Stef said...

O.K. I'm doing it again...the tears mixed with laughter thing. Aw man I cannot wait until Christmas! I love my boys.XOXOXO!!!!

amy wright said...

What a cutie! Isaac wants footie pajamas so bad! I wish that I could find some in his size...and oh man, he'd love those Buzz p.j.'s!!!

Natalie Lowe said...

Cute!! I love love that picture of you guys in your header. You look so happy!!