Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Kyle, our youngest, is 2 1/2. He is quite the little character. He is hilarious, active, smart, sweet, cuddly, mischievous, and a stinker all rolled into one. He keeps us entertained and on our toes. He has been in some sort of childcare since he was 7 weeks old. However, he has always been in the home of friends during the day not in actual daycare situations with other kids. Today, as I took Kyle to his first day of MDO I thought it would be easy after all, this wasn't the first time I had dropped him off. I was wrong. He was big and excited(until they wanted him to put his lunchbox in the basket outside the door!) and Mommy was NOT! I could barely hold myself together as I rushed to my car. Driving away, I cried. My sweet baby is growing up!

I tried to get some good pictures of him before we left this morning but he didn't want to put down the new cup he picked out. So, these will have to do! :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

All things new

Last Monday marked new beginnings for each of the four Garzon's.

Ricky started a new bread route that is in town. This was especially exciting because it means much less time going from town to town which results in earlier mornings but shorter days. We are all excited that Daddy gets to pick up Elijah from kindergarten MOST days. And that we get to have afternoons and evenings at home together.

Since Daddy was in town last Monday, he came by to give Elijah hugs and pray for him before his new beginning.

After a long summer of WAITING and WAITING for phone calls, interviews, and job offers, I FINALLY was offered the perfect teaching position in LATE July! I am teaching 1st grade at Ridgecrest Elementary(phenomenal school) ONLY in the afternoons and ONLY math and science. If you know me well, you know that this is an amazing fit for me. I will admit that I was extremely nervous about going back to "babies" and it has been a difficult transition but I am thoroughly enjoying it. I get to spend all morning with Kyle most days. This was the most appealing part of this particular position for me. I have worked mostly full-time since Kyle was a newborn. I never dreamt that a position like this one would be available at such an amazing school! But, it was an answer to prayer and we count my new job a true blessing! And, to make it even better, Elijah gets to be at school with me!

Mommy and Elijah in Mommy's classroom the 1st day of school!

As hard as is to believe still, Elijah is now in kindergarten! I just keep thinking that it seems like yesterday that he was born and now here he is in big boy school! He LOVES it! He has the most amazing teacher(although we still LOVE and miss both Miss Heather and Mrs. Heather) and the best possible fit for his needs(and NO, I didn't request). He loves being a Ridgecrest Raider!

He wanted me to take a picture of his backpack. He is awfully proud of it because it says his name! (Thanks again Mis! :)

My sweet boy, all grown up!

Elijah and Mrs. Smith

I love the look on the little girls face behind him. . .like WHAT are you doing in here woman! haha! :)

And not to leave the little guy out! With all the rest of the families schedules changing, that means changes for him as well. Kyle has the craziest schedule but he is settling into it. He gets to stay at home in the mornings with me and all day with Ricky one day. He will begin Mothers Day Out next Tuesday(something that I am VERY excited for him for! He is such a little social guy!) and will go two days a week. And he gets to go to a dear friends two afternoons a week. He loves her and her little boy. She is such a blessing to us and to our little man!

Kyle was VERY ready to go to see Mrs. Courtney and Bryson

Monday, August 9, 2010

Not Itchin'

7 years ago today, I married my sweet, intelligent, adorable, hilarious, amazing Ricky! The last seven years have been an incredible ride! 9 moves, 8 different houses/apartments, a slew of jobs, and two kids later!

Our Wedding Day-August 9, 2003

Heading Home from the Hospital with Elijah-January 2005

Our little family-December 2005

September 2006

Oklahoma City Trip-June 2007

Our family of 4-April 2008

An updated family of 4-July 2010

My sweet hubby and I

So, unlike what many have been told us, after 7 years we are not itching! :)

(And, this post made me realize that Ricky and I do NOT take pictures alone together!! This must change!!)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Horse. . .2010 model

I do not like to have tons and tons of toys all over our house. I am a bit anal; as in I follow the boys around picking up after them. . .A LOT. . .TOO much! I also am constantly going through their toys picking out toys that they don't play with anymore to go in the garage sale pile. Kyle is 2 1/2. He is not a baby anymore (as hard as that is to admit). A few months ago, I put a horse Kyle had in the garage sale pile. After countless times of him pulling it BACK out, I finally have given in and realized that he still enjoys this toy and doesn't want to let it go quite yet.

Until a few days ago, I hadn't really watched him play with his horse. I knew that he kept his "keys" in the basket but thought nothing of it. Until I saw this. . . .

Not only does he use the keys to start his horse, he also uses the remote keyless entry to lock and unlock him when he is not on him! HA!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The swing set

Elijah and Kyle's birthdays are both in January. This means we get a new supply of toys about one month before that happens all over again. Now, don't get me wrong, I love that our boys are loved and we appreciate every gift they are given. However, this can be overwhelming for a mom that is a tad bit anal and a has an ounce(or two) of over-organizer syndrome! This year was especially bad since we were not living in our house but instead in a little bitty two bedroom apartment(which we were VERY thankful for). So, I asked my parents to consider giving the boys a swing set(to be purchased at a later date). They agreed this was a good idea. Due to crazy schedules on both ours and their parts, we didn't get the swingset purchased until early June. My parents were not available to stay that weekend to help with the assembly. After borrowing tools from a friend (THANKS David Merrill!!!), Ricky and I decided to tackle the daunting task alone. (Now before I go on, I would like to tell you that neither Ricky nor I are OVERLY handy.) I could stretch this post out for a VERY long time but lets just say after 3 weeks, 24 hours of labor(some by myself, a lot with just Ricky and I, and a few late nights with Adam Grubb. . .THANK YOU ADAM), quite a bit of frustration, and EXTREMELY anxious boys we FINALLY have a finished product!

The framing to the clubhouse! This part took over 3 hours(I realize most people probably wouldn't take that long!)! It was only Step 1 and 2 of 24 steps!

I'm not sure why Elijah is wearing sweat pants in the middle of a hot June day but this was after several more steps and shows 2 of the 5 windows on the clubhouse.

With a LOT of help from Ricky, we added the bay window, roof, "table", ladder, and railing. Ricky and Adam are responsible for the rock wall!

And FINALLY, the finished product! I documented all of our progress but am just now realizing I don't have a good picture of the entire swing set! Adam again assisted Ricky and I with the swing beam and then Ricky and I with some help from Elijah added the swings.

Kyle woke up from his nap that afternoon to find swings in the backyard. He was anxious to try them out. So, we let him. . .in just his diaper(he is still wearing diapers to nap and to bed).

And with that, I declare that I am DONE using power tools and assembling ANYTHING for a VERY, VERY long time!!! And if you need to find the boys and I for the next few months, we will be in our backyard, enjoying the fruit of our labor! :) Thanks to my Dad and Mom for a WONDERFUL birthday present!

Friday, June 11, 2010

It's been a while...

Where to begin!?!? We have been back in our house for nearly 4 months now. When we moved back in, we decided to not get cable or internet for a while. Ricky surprised me this week and got internet. We have iphones for most things and one of our neighbors had unlocked wireless internet we could access. So, I didn't really see much point in purchasing our own. . .but Ricky is right, that really isn't honest! So, with our own internet, I can now blog more which I am excited about!

Life has been crazy busy since my last post!

Elijah's t-ball season is winding down with 3 games and a party left. I was very nervous for him to play but he has done really well! The first game was pretty entertaining! All the kids ran in all different directions, fits were thrown(not just by Elijah), and it was pretty much mass chaos. But, the kids have learned a lot and are all playing better.

Elijah graduated from Polk Street. This was a bittersweet day. I am excited for him to go on to kindergarten but Polk Street has been his "home" during the day for 3 years! He started as a 2 year old. He came out of his shell during his 3 years there. And it looks like we will continue our years at Polk Street with Kyle.

We have had quite a few activities with the church including Elijah's first time to sing in "big church". Once on Sunday night with the children's choir and then again on a Wednesday night with his Mission Friends class. We also have gone to Wonderland with the youth, went to the WT swimming pool, and several other things. Church activities will keep us quite busy this summer. We are loving First Baptist though! We are so blessed to have been welcomed in to such a great church family!

Ricky bought the boys a pool a few weeks ago. They LOVE to swim and would stay in it all day, every day if I allowed. Last weekend, we had some of our friends over for a cookout and swimming. This family goes to First Baptist with us. Adam is the Associate Youth Minister at the church. Our entire family adores this sweet family! We feel so blessed that the Lord has placed them in our lives! I attempted a picture of the three boys(Logan, Elijah, and Kyle) but this was the best I got.

And we can't leave out sweet Kenlee (she didn't want to swim but still looked precious in her little swim suit)! I have loved being around a little girl. . .something I don't get to do very often!

And last but DEFINITELY not least, this sweet little boy is potty training(ed)! He has been wearing his cute little big boy undies all week and has very few accidents. He is even waking up from naps dry! We are delighted at the thought of having a diaper free household!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

That Kid?

Elijah, who is 5, is going to be playing Kids Inc t-ball this year. This will be his first time to do an organized sport. This isn't necessarily something that was/is his idea. He would probably content to just sit at home most of the time. However, Ricky and I both agree that he needs the social experience. He also needs to learn sportsmanship. He has a very difficult time when he doesn't win. . .aka losing! We are hoping that feeling successes as well as defeats will him with that. And since he hasn't ever played before, we decided it would be good to practice with him before we even signed him up. Elijah and Ricky went by themselves the first time. Lets just say it wasn't the greatest lesson in the world. Elijah hit his ankle with the bat and it all went downhill from there! So, we decided to all go on a gorgeous afternoon a few weeks ago.

Elijah practicing batting. . . he did great! He hit the ball several times and a couple times it went pretty far.

Kyle joined in the fun. He will be so excited when he turns 4 and can play.

When Ricky told Elijah to crouch down a bit to get ready for the ball. . .this is what he did! haha!

I love this one! He finally caught the ball!!

His favorite part of the whole practice was "running" the bases after he hit. When we finished practicing, he asked Ricky if he could go run on the moon. Ricky was a bit confused but Elijah has a wild imagination so just told him sure. Well, sure enough, there was a moon shaped patch of weeds very close to where we were practicing. So, he ran on the moon!

A few minutes later, an ice cream truck drove by blasting the tune "Hello my baby, hello my honey. . . ." Ricky and I looked over to see this. . . .

Can't tell what he is doing? Maybe this one will help. .

Oh yes, that is our boy doing show tunes. . .on the moon! I wish the pictures did it justice! It was hilarious! We have since decided he just might be "that kid" that doesn't NECESSARILY do what he is supposed to during the game but is VERY entertaining to the crowd! :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hhmm. . .

*This is a novel. . .and I really don't expect anyone to read it in its entirety! However, I wanted it written down for me as a reminder of what we have been through! *

I'm not even sure where to begin this post! So much has happened to our little family in the last 4 1/2 months that it is hard to organize it all.

Ricky and I have been married for 6 1/2 incredible years. We have definitely had our highs and lows, though. We have lived in 5 different towns and moved 9 times. Our sweet little Elijah who is now 5 has lived in 8 different places! Ricky has had all kinds of jobs. . .from ministry to restaurant and everything in between!

Our latest journey actually began in September of 2008 when Ricky was no longer employed with the church with whom he had worked for about 2 years. We went from making two decent salaries to one! We went from having a sense of security(sadly in ourselves and what we could provide) to absolutely none. We went from feeling like we fit in to wondering where to go! We were quite lost to be honest with you. We loved Amarillo(as strange as some people think that is) and didn't want to leave. We had a beautiful home that we had only lived in for a year that we did not want to lose. But, we were confused. We had no direction!

The end of 2008 and beginning of 2009 were very difficult months for our family. I wish I could say that we always had faith that the Lord would provide and just watched in amazement when He did. But, that wasn't the case. We had to learn to trust and oh, have we! We learned that the less we worried the more fun it was to watch the Lord take care of us. We learned to have the faith we had always heard about and desired! We were blessed beyond measure.

However, we weren't satisfied with the place the Lord had us at that moment. We kept pushing and pushing until we found something that we thought was what the Lord wanted. You can read that here. But, the short story, I quit my teaching job, at a school that I loved in a position that was made for me(math) and in August, we moved to the Austin area in preparation of moving to the San Antonio area. We excitedly left the house that we loved in the city that we loved and prepared for a new journey. We trucked along in Central Texas for a few months. The ball was still rolling for us to move to San Antonio and truthfully, we were still very excited. The excitement quickly faded and we knew this wasn't the right decision for our family(while we still continue to pray for this church plant and absolutely LOVED the people that we met through our experiences). So there we sat in Austin in early October wondering what in the world we had done! Our hearts still yearned to be in Amarillo but both Ricky and I were too proud to admit it! We continued to make our plans for ourselves! We were going to move to a little town outside of Austin. Ricky was going to continue to work full time outside of a church and a part-time position in a church. And, I was going to go back to teaching(something I realized I loved and is truly my calling. . .A WHOLE other story and blog!). We were going to rent a house and live happily ever after. . . .except. . .

One night in early November while Ricky was working nights as a security guard, I finally got up enough courage to tell him that I missed home. . .I missed Amarillo. (As a side note, I do realize that home is where the heart is, that we will never be completely happy until we are truly home in heaven, etc etc but Amarillo is our home here on earth and where we are SUPPOSED to be. . .this we know for SURE!) Much to MY surprise he said he did too! I couldn't believe it! All this time that I felt so miserable I thought he was happy! I thought he was loving every minute of it. . .and he wasn't! We decided that night that we would just truly pray and seek and find out what we were supposed to do. It didn't take long for us to KNOW that Amarillo was where we were supposed to be! For, I think the first time in our married life, we were putting ourselves aside(although this move is what we both wanted) and letting the Lord show us His plan.

If we could have, we would have moved back to Amarillo the very next day. But, we knew we had to be patient! So, we told our families of our realization that we had made a HUGE mistake and of our planned move back. . .some were happy, some were sad, some were mad, and some weren't really sure what to think. We knew that we BOTH had to have jobs before we could even make any sort of arrangements to get back. As Ricky searched for a job in Amarillo, I did the only thing I could think of. . .even though it was one of the hardest things, I emailed the principal at the school I had taught at for 2 1/2 years. I did this with very low expectations thinking she could at least be a good reference for me. I sent that email on November 16. I heard back from her on November 23 offering me a TAKS tutoring position! With the Thanksgiving Holiday that week, I didn't hear back from her with details until the following week which was the first week in December. I was officially offered and accepted the position on Wednesday, December 2. Kyle and I moved to Amarillo that weekend and I started on Monday, December 7! It was a whirlwind but it was incredible to be back. Ricky and I were just blown away by how fast the Lord had worked things out for me to get back to the school I loved. It was an opportunity that we just couldn't see me passing up. So, while it was hard to be away from him and Elijah, we knew it was only temporary and we could make it work.

We have this INCREDIBLE woman in our lives! She has blessed us more than she will ever know! She is always willing to help. . .even if it is an inconvenience to her! She is amazing and I am so thankful that the Lord has placed her in our lives! We love her. . .our boys love her! Cheryl Merrill (aka NaiNai) allowed Kyle and I to stay with her for the two weeks before Christmas break while I was working at the school. Ricky continued to work in Austin and Elijah finished out the semester of pre-k. Ricky had several promising phone interviews with companies here in Amarillo. And upon arriving in Amarillo to head north for Christmas, he had several in-person interviews. He had a serious lead on a great job and we informed the renters of our house that we would be moving back in when their lease ended in February(this was hard for me as I hated to leave them without a place to live but as He did in all of this experience the Lord orchestrated it perfectly as the renters were struggling over telling us that they were moving out at the end of their lease). Our only issue was that it was December and we couldn't move back into our house until the end of February. Where were we going to live for the next 2 1/2 months? Again, I was nervous and doubted! I just couldn't figure out a way that it could work out! And guess what?!?! The Lord proved me wrong! A lady we knew from a previous church had a lease on an (furnished) apartment that she was no longer living in. The boys and I could move in as soon as we returned from Kansas! We were blown away! Not only did I have a job at the school I love, we had a place to live with furniture!

After Christmas, Ricky headed back to Austin to continue working and I took on the role as single Mom to the boys. Honestly this was a struggle! It was hard not having someone there to help! I realized how much I took Ricky's help for granted! One of the hardest days was Kyle's birthday. My sweet baby turned 2 and his Daddy didn't get to see him! Another hard day was the day that we learned that Ricky did receive the offer for the job. . .except they wanted him to go to the Wichita, KS store! That was also the day that I realized I had lost the money order the renters gave me(to pay the mortgage). It was a struggle but we made it! The Lord continued to bless us and Ricky got to move to Amarillo in the middle of January. He still did not have a full time job but we both just knew he needed to be in Amarillo to find one. All the while, we continued to pray and seek that the Lord would open the door to the perfect job for Ricky for this season.

January and February were probably the two hardest months of our little families lives. Kyle, who is a small little guy to begin with, was sick for about 6 weeks. He threw up nearly every night losing 3 of his 24 pounds. This problem was made worse because we had no washer and dryer so that meant we ended up at sweet Cheryl's house nearly everyday to do laundry. Eljiah ended up with the bug at one point as well as Ricky and I. Ricky had an eardrum burst as well as Bell's Palsy(this occurs quite frequently after an eardrum bursts do to sinus').

We were everyday thankful for the apartment but we quickly realized how much more difficult things were! It was upstairs and of course during the snowiest winter in a long time. This made going and coming very difficult. Getting groceries into the apartment was different than pulling up into our garage. Everything had to be adjusted. I continued to work at the school and Ricky still struggled to find a full-time job! However, the Lord placed another amazing person in our lives! Bradley Maybin is the youth pastor at FBC Amarillo and welcomed Ricky with open arms. He immediately offered him a part time position until he found something else. And, after what seemed like at least a year, we were able to move into our house 3 days early!

February 24th was our move in day but the renters surprised us and told us they were moved out early and that we could move in on February 21st! What a treat! So, during yet another snow storm, we moved our few belongings to our house! It didn't matter that we had no furniture or dishes or beds! We were just so excited to be back in OUR house! We slept on airbeds and lived out of an ice chest for a week! And then the most incredible thing happened after Bradley sent out a massive email to some of the people of FBC. It is crazy how the Lord orchestrates things but this email uncovered a position that would be an incredible fit for our needs. Ricky was interviewed for and offered a position with Flowers Bakery. He is now delivering bread. I realize that doesn't sound like a dream job for most but he has incredible hours(done by 2 pm most days), great pay, and benefits. . .something he hasn't had in our entire married life!!! And, he is able to continue working at FBC part time!

After a week of living in an empty house, we were able to go down to Austin, rent a moving truck, and get everything back to our house! It was like Christmas getting to open all the boxes after not seeing most of it for 6 months! Kyle nor I had slept in our own beds in 3 months!

We have been back in our house nearly a month! While things haven't been all great since we have been back but Kyle has stopped throwing up and started gaining weight back, Ricky is working full time, and things seem to be better! We know that there will always be set backs in our lives but we are truly blessed! We look back and just think how incredible this journey has been to get us back to EXACTLY where we were a year ago! I see how God took our big mistake and blessed us anyway! We are so excited to be back in Amarillo. . .the town we love! We are so excited to be back in our little house that we don't take for granted any more! We are excited that we aren't in control of our life anymore!!!

Our sweet boys sleeping peacefully in their OWN beds!

We delayed switching Kyle to a "big boy" bed because all of our changes. When we put his crib together, we decided to go straight from the pack n play to the toddler bed. He has done amazing! :)