Saturday, March 27, 2010

That Kid?

Elijah, who is 5, is going to be playing Kids Inc t-ball this year. This will be his first time to do an organized sport. This isn't necessarily something that was/is his idea. He would probably content to just sit at home most of the time. However, Ricky and I both agree that he needs the social experience. He also needs to learn sportsmanship. He has a very difficult time when he doesn't win. . .aka losing! We are hoping that feeling successes as well as defeats will him with that. And since he hasn't ever played before, we decided it would be good to practice with him before we even signed him up. Elijah and Ricky went by themselves the first time. Lets just say it wasn't the greatest lesson in the world. Elijah hit his ankle with the bat and it all went downhill from there! So, we decided to all go on a gorgeous afternoon a few weeks ago.

Elijah practicing batting. . . he did great! He hit the ball several times and a couple times it went pretty far.

Kyle joined in the fun. He will be so excited when he turns 4 and can play.

When Ricky told Elijah to crouch down a bit to get ready for the ball. . .this is what he did! haha!

I love this one! He finally caught the ball!!

His favorite part of the whole practice was "running" the bases after he hit. When we finished practicing, he asked Ricky if he could go run on the moon. Ricky was a bit confused but Elijah has a wild imagination so just told him sure. Well, sure enough, there was a moon shaped patch of weeds very close to where we were practicing. So, he ran on the moon!

A few minutes later, an ice cream truck drove by blasting the tune "Hello my baby, hello my honey. . . ." Ricky and I looked over to see this. . . .

Can't tell what he is doing? Maybe this one will help. .

Oh yes, that is our boy doing show tunes. . .on the moon! I wish the pictures did it justice! It was hilarious! We have since decided he just might be "that kid" that doesn't NECESSARILY do what he is supposed to during the game but is VERY entertaining to the crowd! :)

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Becky Dietz said...

Oh....I love the moon walking! That is hysterical!! I never see t-ball that I don't think of Ricky Miller and his first game. He ran from home plate to 2nd base to home plate. (The funny thing was that his dad, Steve Miller, had been a baseball coach.) HYSTERICAL! You never know what they're going to do.