Sunday, October 30, 2011

Not According To Plan

Do you ever have one of those days? One of those days where you really want things to go "right" yet nothing does? We had one of those days around here Saturday. We had put off buying the traditional big pumpkin until Saturday. Our plan was to go get a pumpkin, get the traditional fall pumpkin patch pictures, and come home and carve some jack-o-lanterns. Sounds fun, right?!?!

Well, start off with Friday morning at our pediatricians office, sweet Annabella has double ear infections. She has been STRUGGLING with allergies for the last month or so. Thus resulting in not so fun ear infections. To be honest, she is such a good, content, thumb sucking baby that I wouldn't have really known anything was wrong. But, her allergies were turning into a yucky cough and I thought we should get that checked out. Cough is fine. . .ears are NOT! :( She has been a trooper but has definitely needed extra snuggles this weekend.

Well, there went the plans! With her being on an antibiotic and still taking allergy medicine, she is awfully lethargic. And, I really didn't want her out in the wind, etc with yucky ears. So, I told Ricky we would have to skip the fun fall pictures this year. :( The boys still wanted to carve jack-o-lanterns though. Ricky and the boys ventured off to get pumpkins leaving Annabella and myself(also feeling under the weather) at home.

The boys returned with two pumpkins ready to be carved. Each boy had picked one and had a plan of what they wanted their pumpkin to look like.

Kyle excited for pumpkin carving.

And then the pumpkin carving began. . . .

Elijah telling Daddy how to draw his pumpkin

Elijah finally sticking his hand in the pumpkin. . .LOVE the face! ha

Kyle's face when we told him it was his turn to put his hand in the pumpkin.

Elijah decided it wasn't THAT bad. . .ha!

Following this, I quit taking pictures. I usually photograph the entire process. However, we had a situation that needed to be tended to. You see, if you don't know Kyle very well, then I will have to explain. He is a LOT like his Daddy was when he was little. He gags ALL the time, chokes A LOT, and throws up quite often. BUT, something new happened last night as we were trying desperately to salvage a yearly tradition at our house. He was SO grossed out by the THOUGHT(he never even got close to putting his hand in) of touching the pumpkin guts that he THREW UP. . .TWICE! He was so sad. And of course, this grossed Elijah out. Therefore, the only person left in the kitchen carving pumpkins. . .Ricky. Family Fun Fail!!!!

The final products

And just because it is too cute not to share. . .
I can't get enough of that cute little ruffled bottom sticking up in the air!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Family Resemblance?

Well, I set a goal for myself to blog at least once a month this year. That didn't go so well! Our life got crazy busy during the spring. Between church, school, and getting ready for baby, it just zoomed by. On May 11th, our sweet, precious Annabella Joy was born. Our life became even busier! May and June are a blur of finishing school, taking care of our sweet girl, church activities, a trip to Guymon, a wedding, and having Ricky's family here. Oh, and a sweet girl who cried. . .A LOT. . .due to reflux issues. July came and went as we settled into more of a routine. Annabella's reflux has leveled off and she is a MUCH happier camper! And here we are at the beginning of August. Next week, I go back to work, Elijah goes back to school, and we all go back to more scheduled days/weeks. I am blessed to get to go back to the same job I had last year. I will be teaching 1st grade math/science in the afternoons only. What a blessing!

Rather than try to "catch up" on blogging(especially since I have posted lots of pictures to facebook), I thought I would post some comparison pictures of all three of our kids at 1 and 2 months old. I keep getting told how much our kids look alike. I don't see it but as much as I hear it, I guess it must be true. What do you think?

Elijah 1 month
Kyle 1 month
Annabella 1 month
Elijah 2 months
Kyle 2 months
Annabella 2 months

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What happened to March??

Where does the time go? I feel like March just began and here it is the last few days of the month! I made a goal to post at least one blog a month and am pushing it!

March has been a great month! We have had some beautiful spring weather and enjoyed lots of days out in the backyard. We had a great spring break which included painting two rooms in two days(Thanks to my Mom for coming down and doing the majority of the work!!). We are getting closer to having everything ready for Annabella's big arrival in SEVEN WEEKS!!!! And we were blessed with an amazing shower by two of the greatest girls I know!

I really hoped this post could be to show Annabella's completed room but the original bedding ended up being back-ordered. So, we had to go back to the drawing board and re-think her room! I'm so excited about it though! And I think Ricky is getting tired of here me say, "I'm so glad the other bedding didn't work out!" Ha! Because we changed our mind, that meant a change in furniture plans. Her crib will be in this week so hopefully my next post will be soon and include pictures of her room.

But for now, here is a glimpse into each of my boys unique personalities.

Kyle is constantly pretending. He has an incredible imagination. This particular day he was a dog and he was hungry. :)

And here is the little guy after his Grandma's heart! My Mom used to get in trouble for taking a book outside to read when she was told to go play! Elijah LOVES to take books outside and read in his "clubhouse" while brother is running around playing who knows what!

Here is a sneak peak at Annabella's room. Elijah helped my Mom and I paint for quite a while. Her bedding has birds on it and he knew my Mom was going to paint some on the wall. So, if you look really closely, you can see that he painted a bird! He was so sad that we had to cover it up! :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Our Sweet Girl

As most(if not all) of you know, we are expecting a sweet little girl in May. We are all very excited to add another little one to our family. The fact that she is in fact a she just makes it that much more exciting. The boys are VERY excited to have a sister. . .ok Elijah is VERY excited. Kyle hasn't quite made his mind up on the situation.

I once posted a blog stating that I wasn't really a nester when I was pregnant. Maybe it is the difference in age. . .or the fact that I am having a girl. . .or that we are trying to fit two boys into one room. . .or that we have way to much junk at this point in our life. The reason, I'm not exactly sure but what I am sure of is that I am nesting like CRAZY with this pregnancy! And, not that anyone cares(except me of course) but here is the proof that I have been going through things and organizing like crazy!

Hall Closet Before:

Hall Closet After:

Coat Closet Before:

Coat Closet After:

Kyle's(now our sweet girls) Closet Before:

Kyle's(now our sweet girls. . .sort of. . .they will share for a while Closet After:

Elijah's Closet Before:

Elijah's Closet After:

As I wrote in my previous post, Kyle is now officially moved into Elijah's room. We still have a few things to do in their room(paint a border, hang some things, etc) then we will begin working on our sweet girls room. We are hoping to have everything done in both rooms by the end of March. We will see if we actually meet that goal! :)

AND, here is our little miss. . .
Annabella Joy Garzon
Due May 18, 2011

(I know this isn't the best quality but our sonograms weren't on a disk like they were with Kyle! :( So, I had to take a picture of it until I can get them scanned!)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Where does the time go?

I haven't posted in nearly 5 months. I have thought many times about writing a blog. Sometimes, I have even pre-planned one in my head. I just haven't actually made it to the computer to type it.
Instead of trying to "catch up" on what has happened in our OH SO EXCITING(ha) lives, I will write about what I started this blog for in the first place, as a place to write about and post pictures of our family.

January is the month of both of our boys birthdays. So along with being sick off and on all month, we have also been celebrating birthdays most of the month.

This sweet little boy turned 3 on January 9th. I'm not sure where the time has gone with him either! He has grown up so much in the last year. He is definitely not a baby any more. He is smart, funny, sweet, and a CONSTANT ball of energy. He loves to make people laugh and is very good at it. His vocabulary amazes me! I am constantly thinking to myself where in the world he learned that particular word! He LOVES all things transportation. Airplanes are his favorite but he also really enjoys rockets, trains(Thomas), cars, and especially school buses.

Last night was his first night in his "big boy" bed. He has been in a toddler bed for just at a year but with the upcoming arrival of his little sister(more about her in a later post) we needed to combine rooms. So, last night, we made the big switch and the boys now share a room. Kyle was so "escited" to have a sleep over with Elijah. I know that excitement will eventually ware off but it is great right now.

AND, this sweet boy turned 6 on January 25th. And that is VERY hard to type! I can't believe he is getting to be so grown up! And forgive the picture! He doesn't actually LOVE having his picture taken and the day before his birthday we found out he had strep throat(AGAIN) and double ear infections(AGAIN)! He has grown up a lot over the last year as well. . in different ways. He is compassionate, dramatic, funny, sweet, and smart! He is quite the little reader and "tech" guy. He loves all things technology including the computer(he has it ALL figured out), DS, and anything else he can get his hands on. He loves legos, super heros(still), but his favorite right now is Ben 10. He is a great big brother and is VERY excited to have a little sister. He is constantly talking to her and loving on her while she is in Momma! :)