Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Not a nester?

 NO, I am NOT pregnant. . .I am referring to my two past pregnancies! In which, I actually was a nester but it was more of an EVERY inch of EVERY room needed to be spotless type nesting. Kyle is 1. . . actually he is 14 months old! My point, I am still getting his room put together! I was the same way with Elijah but the true reason for that was lack of funds! With Kyle, circumstances just prevented it! First of all, his bedding took 8 weeks (yes, I wrote that correctly) to get in.  It was ordered in early December and didn't arrive until a couple of weeks after his arrival which was 3 weeks early.  So, as time has gone on, we have added more and more to his room.  I am absolutely in love with the newest piece we have in his room.  I am an anal organizer.  I actually really enjoy doing it.  Elijah's toys each have a place.  .  . and he actually knows where that place is.  So, when I found this toy organizer I knew it was what we had been looking for! You can find it here. 

And here are some pictures of Kyle's room: 

We need to get his "castle" outside but it has been great having it inside for the boys to play with during the winter!

The following two pics are things painted by two special women in our lives! 

Rocket ship and border by my Mom
Wouldn't it have been nice for my Mom to give me some of this talent? Nope, she didn't! haha! 
We love you Grandmother (Elijah was on a Land Before Time kick when he "named" her!)!

Name canvas by NaiNai(aka Cheryl Merrill) 
Cheryl keeps Kyle for us! They have such a special bond and it has brought all of us amazingly close to her! She has become like a Mom away from Mom to me! Elijah adores her too! He lovingly calls her "NightNight"!

This isn't a very good pic. . .but you get the idea! :)

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