Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Here we go again. . .(2nd post)

Sorry, I am home for spring break. . .I actually have TIME to post! haha! 

Kyle's favorite new hangout spot

Kyle just relaxing

Can you tell he is nude? haha

Let me explain. . . 
We have a sandbox in our yard (thanks a lot Dad).  The boys LOVE it! They would be out there all day everyday if I let them.  The problem? They make a HUGE mess and end up with sand EVERYWHERE! This particular day, Elijah had played in the sandbox and brought sand ALL OVER the house! I made him go outside and strip while I vacuumed the house! He thought it was hilarious that I wanted him to take even his underwear off outside! When I got done vacuuming, this is what I saw outside! I actually have a really funny one but knew he would kill me someday if I posted it on a blog! haha! 

Two Elijah Stories:
Elijah remembers EVERYTHING! This can be good but sometimes is quite unfortunate! At some point, Elijah must have heard a Cymbalta commercial.  I wouldn't know what it was at all except this is what he told me two nights ago when he was getting in the bath.  "Does everything hurt Mommy? Maybe you should try Cymbalta!" 

I have been running in the mornings.  I pick this "habit" up off and on.  Elijah doesn't usually know when I run because I do it before he wakes up.  This week, I have been running a little bit later.  Yesterday, I came in with a VERY red face because 1) I am not in the best shape and 2) it was very warm outside.  Elijah told me that my face was red and asked me if I wanted him to get the blue "allergies" out of the fridge to put on me.  I was a little confused about what he was talking about.  Then I remembered the conversation we had several weeks(if not months) ago about the blue Aloe Vera that we keep in the fridge and what it was for! haha!