Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Dear Husband

Yesterday, I took the boys to the zoo in the morning.  Since Ricky didn't go to work until 11, that left him with some time alone at the house.  If you aren't my friend on facebook or you don't have a facebook, here is what he did to occupy his time.  I found this on the computer later that day! 

He seriously quotes this movie all the time but recording songs from it, this is new! :) If you don't know the song, it is off of Nacho Libre with Jack Black.  

Monday, June 22, 2009

Watermelon and a Picnic

I sent Ricky and Kyle to the store the other day for one item.  They of course returned with something extra. . .a watermelon.  Elijah was beyond delighted when he saw what Daddy had purchased.  He even sang a little song and did a little dance.  After dinner, Ricky cut into the watermelon and we headed outside to enjoy it.  

Here is a perfect picture of what Elijah thought of actually eating the watermelon he was so excited about (and no this isn't the first time he has had watermelon. . he is just in that phase where NOTHING is his favorite).

This was Kyle's first go round with watermelon.  He, unlike his brother, ate all of his piece and a second and probably would have eaten a third! 

Today, I really needed to clean the house.  Our house is on the market which means we have to keep it clean. . .ALL the time.  So, after a fun, laid back weekend which included little to no cleaning, I had to get the house back in shape.  After a morning of alone play, I wanted to do something fun for the boys.  This was Daddy's suggestion and so much fun.  

Picnic in the Spiderman Tent
This is not the best picture but I LOVE Elijah's tent and wanted a picture of the whole thing. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Not an Ordinary Run

I have been running for the past three weeks.  Actually since school has been out, I have only skipped two days! This is a huge feat for me.  You see, I really enjoy running! I have since I was pretty little.  I just seem to lack motivation most of the time.  

This morning, I decided to take the boys to the free family movie festival at the UA (that is a blog in itself).  So, I didn't run.  I had told Ricky I would later in the afternoon.  Well, when the boys napped, Ricky and I ended up watching Nights at Rodanthe(which was pretty good by the way).  So, it was now getting later in the afternoon and still no run.  Finally, Ricky asked if I was going to go today.  I have asked him to keep me accountable and him asking that simple question is usually enough to motivate me.  So, I decided to go ahead and get it over with.  

I left for my run at approximately 3:45.  The first half of my run was great! This is what happened on the second half: 

(Sorry for the bad picture but it was the best I could get).  

Thankfully, my sweet husband and boys came and rescued me when I was still several blocks away from the house.   

And this is what I looked like after running in rain, wind, and dirt that was blowing at me at 60 mph! 

I wish the picture did justice to how bad my legs looked! They were so very red! haha! And it wasn't from being cold or hot! (and by the way that's a towel. . .I just looked at the pic again and realized it kinda looks like I am wearing a funky green and white dress! haha)

I think tomorrow I will check the weather before I go run! :) 

Friday, June 5, 2009

The last couple weeks

The last few weeks of May were kind of a whirlwind!! Between Elijah's two weeks of not feeling 100% (which by the way, the medicine worked and the viral infection(what they finally decided on) passed and he is feeling MUCH better!) and school drawing to a close, it was quite hectic around here.  Here are a few pictures of what we were up to those last few weeks. 

Picnic in the backyard. . .this was about the 15th try to get all 3 of them to look at the camera and smile. . .as you can tell it never happened!

Although not big NBA fans, Ricky and I have been closely following the Finals this year! Kyle has joined in our pursuit of always cheering for the wrong team! This was during the conference finals.  We were rooting for the Nuggets and the Cavs. . .see what I mean?!?!  Elijah on the other hand always seems to pick the "right" team to root for! 

We bought a really fun sprinkler for the boys to play in! We tried it a couple weeks ago.  This is what happened. . . .

Elijah "graduated" from 3 year old preschool! We had family picnics and then a little graduation ceremony.  Don't you just love their hats?!?! 

We were so blessed that he had such amazing teachers this year!!! Miss Heather was his teacher (and most of his classes) for 2 year old class last year! So, it was neat for all of them to have her again! And then Miss Larissa joined them this year!! They learned so much!