Monday, June 22, 2009

Watermelon and a Picnic

I sent Ricky and Kyle to the store the other day for one item.  They of course returned with something extra. . .a watermelon.  Elijah was beyond delighted when he saw what Daddy had purchased.  He even sang a little song and did a little dance.  After dinner, Ricky cut into the watermelon and we headed outside to enjoy it.  

Here is a perfect picture of what Elijah thought of actually eating the watermelon he was so excited about (and no this isn't the first time he has had watermelon. . he is just in that phase where NOTHING is his favorite).

This was Kyle's first go round with watermelon.  He, unlike his brother, ate all of his piece and a second and probably would have eaten a third! 

Today, I really needed to clean the house.  Our house is on the market which means we have to keep it clean. . .ALL the time.  So, after a fun, laid back weekend which included little to no cleaning, I had to get the house back in shape.  After a morning of alone play, I wanted to do something fun for the boys.  This was Daddy's suggestion and so much fun.  

Picnic in the Spiderman Tent
This is not the best picture but I LOVE Elijah's tent and wanted a picture of the whole thing. 

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Becky Dietz said...

How fun---my kids ALWAYS loved playing in a tent in the house. Why is that????