Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Not an Ordinary Run

I have been running for the past three weeks.  Actually since school has been out, I have only skipped two days! This is a huge feat for me.  You see, I really enjoy running! I have since I was pretty little.  I just seem to lack motivation most of the time.  

This morning, I decided to take the boys to the free family movie festival at the UA (that is a blog in itself).  So, I didn't run.  I had told Ricky I would later in the afternoon.  Well, when the boys napped, Ricky and I ended up watching Nights at Rodanthe(which was pretty good by the way).  So, it was now getting later in the afternoon and still no run.  Finally, Ricky asked if I was going to go today.  I have asked him to keep me accountable and him asking that simple question is usually enough to motivate me.  So, I decided to go ahead and get it over with.  

I left for my run at approximately 3:45.  The first half of my run was great! This is what happened on the second half: 

(Sorry for the bad picture but it was the best I could get).  

Thankfully, my sweet husband and boys came and rescued me when I was still several blocks away from the house.   

And this is what I looked like after running in rain, wind, and dirt that was blowing at me at 60 mph! 

I wish the picture did justice to how bad my legs looked! They were so very red! haha! And it wasn't from being cold or hot! (and by the way that's a towel. . .I just looked at the pic again and realized it kinda looks like I am wearing a funky green and white dress! haha)

I think tomorrow I will check the weather before I go run! :) 


JakesMommy said...

That has SO happened to me before!! Except I didn't have a phone to get a hold of my hubby! So I had to run home in the I totally feel for you! Hopefully today it will be nice for you!

Becky Dietz said...

How funny! I can't imagine what that felt like!!!

Stef said...

You're so stinkin' cute Kallie Dee I love you!

The Cartwright's said...

You will be so proud of me... I have started running this summer too. Isn't that amazing. Not everyday (you are good!) but that is crazy that we both are. Want to run in a 5K with me? I am sure you will beat me. I am pretty slow.