Friday, June 11, 2010

It's been a while...

Where to begin!?!? We have been back in our house for nearly 4 months now. When we moved back in, we decided to not get cable or internet for a while. Ricky surprised me this week and got internet. We have iphones for most things and one of our neighbors had unlocked wireless internet we could access. So, I didn't really see much point in purchasing our own. . .but Ricky is right, that really isn't honest! So, with our own internet, I can now blog more which I am excited about!

Life has been crazy busy since my last post!

Elijah's t-ball season is winding down with 3 games and a party left. I was very nervous for him to play but he has done really well! The first game was pretty entertaining! All the kids ran in all different directions, fits were thrown(not just by Elijah), and it was pretty much mass chaos. But, the kids have learned a lot and are all playing better.

Elijah graduated from Polk Street. This was a bittersweet day. I am excited for him to go on to kindergarten but Polk Street has been his "home" during the day for 3 years! He started as a 2 year old. He came out of his shell during his 3 years there. And it looks like we will continue our years at Polk Street with Kyle.

We have had quite a few activities with the church including Elijah's first time to sing in "big church". Once on Sunday night with the children's choir and then again on a Wednesday night with his Mission Friends class. We also have gone to Wonderland with the youth, went to the WT swimming pool, and several other things. Church activities will keep us quite busy this summer. We are loving First Baptist though! We are so blessed to have been welcomed in to such a great church family!

Ricky bought the boys a pool a few weeks ago. They LOVE to swim and would stay in it all day, every day if I allowed. Last weekend, we had some of our friends over for a cookout and swimming. This family goes to First Baptist with us. Adam is the Associate Youth Minister at the church. Our entire family adores this sweet family! We feel so blessed that the Lord has placed them in our lives! I attempted a picture of the three boys(Logan, Elijah, and Kyle) but this was the best I got.

And we can't leave out sweet Kenlee (she didn't want to swim but still looked precious in her little swim suit)! I have loved being around a little girl. . .something I don't get to do very often!

And last but DEFINITELY not least, this sweet little boy is potty training(ed)! He has been wearing his cute little big boy undies all week and has very few accidents. He is even waking up from naps dry! We are delighted at the thought of having a diaper free household!!

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