Thursday, September 2, 2010

All things new

Last Monday marked new beginnings for each of the four Garzon's.

Ricky started a new bread route that is in town. This was especially exciting because it means much less time going from town to town which results in earlier mornings but shorter days. We are all excited that Daddy gets to pick up Elijah from kindergarten MOST days. And that we get to have afternoons and evenings at home together.

Since Daddy was in town last Monday, he came by to give Elijah hugs and pray for him before his new beginning.

After a long summer of WAITING and WAITING for phone calls, interviews, and job offers, I FINALLY was offered the perfect teaching position in LATE July! I am teaching 1st grade at Ridgecrest Elementary(phenomenal school) ONLY in the afternoons and ONLY math and science. If you know me well, you know that this is an amazing fit for me. I will admit that I was extremely nervous about going back to "babies" and it has been a difficult transition but I am thoroughly enjoying it. I get to spend all morning with Kyle most days. This was the most appealing part of this particular position for me. I have worked mostly full-time since Kyle was a newborn. I never dreamt that a position like this one would be available at such an amazing school! But, it was an answer to prayer and we count my new job a true blessing! And, to make it even better, Elijah gets to be at school with me!

Mommy and Elijah in Mommy's classroom the 1st day of school!

As hard as is to believe still, Elijah is now in kindergarten! I just keep thinking that it seems like yesterday that he was born and now here he is in big boy school! He LOVES it! He has the most amazing teacher(although we still LOVE and miss both Miss Heather and Mrs. Heather) and the best possible fit for his needs(and NO, I didn't request). He loves being a Ridgecrest Raider!

He wanted me to take a picture of his backpack. He is awfully proud of it because it says his name! (Thanks again Mis! :)

My sweet boy, all grown up!

Elijah and Mrs. Smith

I love the look on the little girls face behind him. . .like WHAT are you doing in here woman! haha! :)

And not to leave the little guy out! With all the rest of the families schedules changing, that means changes for him as well. Kyle has the craziest schedule but he is settling into it. He gets to stay at home in the mornings with me and all day with Ricky one day. He will begin Mothers Day Out next Tuesday(something that I am VERY excited for him for! He is such a little social guy!) and will go two days a week. And he gets to go to a dear friends two afternoons a week. He loves her and her little boy. She is such a blessing to us and to our little man!

Kyle was VERY ready to go to see Mrs. Courtney and Bryson

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Stef said...

I love that my boys are happy! OH and you too! If mommy's happy the entire household is happy ;)! I miss you guys like crazy! Thanks for posting so I can see pics of my boys (all 3 of them)!