Saturday, October 4, 2008


So, I have a myspace and a facebook but decided I needed a site that is just a blog just for the ease! So, here is my maiden blog! :)

Elijah is our 3 1/2 year old.  He is in preschool this year(which is SOOO hard for me to believe!)! He has the same teacher for 3 year old preschool that he had for 2 year old preschool! We were thrilled when we found this out as Elijah ADORES Miss Heather and we think she is just fabulous! Needless to say, there was already a bond between the two of them when school started several weeks then.  Since then, he has also become quite fond of his other teacher Miss Larissa! The most interesting thing about Elijah being in preschool is the great stories Ricky or I get to hear upon picking him up! So, I thought I would share a few and dub them Elijah-isms(since they always called my blonde moments Kallie-isms).

Elijah-ism #1 
I always thought I wanted to teach little bitty kids.  So, when I did my student teaching, etc.  I was in pre-k, k, or 1st! I swore I never wanted to go above that(of course ended up in 4th grade!) so I know a lot of the great Dr. Jean and other songs that are sung by preschoolers! I have been teaching Elijah different "preschool" songs since he was a tiny baby! I never really thought much about it until he started preschool and knew the songs that were being taught to him.  However, I never expected him to do what he did on Wednesday! His lovely teachers were going to teach the class the days of the week song.  Honestly, this is one that Elijah and I have only sung a couple of times. But, as soon as they started, Elijah piped up and said, "hey that's my song" and proceeded to teach the ENTIRE class the song! :) 

Elijah-ism #2
On Friday, I left early for the rare chance to get to pick Elijah up.  His teachers started cracking up when I got there! They informed me that Elijah had not taken a nap that day and it was partially their fault.  A few minutes after nap-time began, Elijah got off his mat, walked over to the table where his teachers were sitting, sat down, and said "I don't want to take a nap. . .I just want to sit here and talk to my 'gwirls'!!!" Haha! :) Of course this caused them to laugh and just made Elijah be even more of a clown. . .hmmm does that sound like Ricky to anyone else?!?!?

Elijah-ism #3
Elijah LOVES movies! It is his one indulgence(he doesn't drink pops, eat lots of sugar, play video games, etc)! One of his favorites is Cars or Wightening McQueen as he calls it! Every Thursday at his school, the preacher from the church does chapel time with all the 3 year-old and 4 year-old classes(I would like to be a fly on the wall for this!).  Well, the preacher decided to share a story about Sally the Snake! Elijah STOOD UP with over 50 other kids in the room and ALL the teachers and said "Sally's not a snake . . .Sally's a car!" I think this is quite humorous but I would have died if I had been there! :)

Here is a picture of my little stinker:

Just thought I would add a picture of Kyle's newest accomplishment! He is crawling! WAHOO! :) Ricky and I think this is great but Elijah isn't too sure! Kyle has already gotten hold of far too many of Elijah's toys since this great thing happened a few days ago!


domineivimus said...

Man I can't wait to see your kids. I seriously just want to have a long conversation with Elijah and see what he talks about! See you guys soon. Love ya'll

Natalie Lowe said...

I love Elijah-isms! Some of our best times is after one of the girls babysit him and we get to sit and talk about all the funny stuff he did. haha. I got to see Baby Kyle and Ricky a few minutes the other day......It was so good to see them. I miss bossing Ricky. haha And BK has the most gorgeous eyes and smile.......but you know that already. And I miss you lots! Can't wait for bunko. Maybe I should have Kayla add a page of Elijah-isms. love you!!

Michael said...

I will definitely re-visit your blog Kallie.
Uncle Mike

Stef said...

O.k. so now I am crying! Thank you KALLIE! I miss my boys so very much and I can hardly wait for Christmas. Oh heck who am I kidding I want to see ALL of you NOW! O.k. I totally cracked up as tears streamed down my face but my favorite is "you're CHOKING me!!!" when really I was just holding his hand! HELLO could of gotten me arrested! Maybe I'm wrong but I'm thinkin' he's a tid bit dramatic like mmmmm...maybe Grandma?! ;)

amy wright said...

Your kids are SO beautiful. I'm glad that you are on here so that I can see LOTS of pictures and hear all of the good stories. :)
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