Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fall Fun

This week is Red Ribbon Week at school which meant lots of fun dress up days. Tuesday was by far Elijah's favorite day, Pajama Day. He was very excited to wear his new Mario and two bad guys pj's!

One of the churches had their "harvest" aka Halloween carnival on Sunday. I was quite amazed that Elijah was patient enough to stand in line long enough to get his face painted much less actually sit still while she did it. But, he almost fell asleep!

Spiderman with his spiderweb face

My cute little monkey!

People often tell me that my boys look alike(I don't really think so, as much0, so for fun I posted a picture of Elijah wearing the monkey costume when he was 21 months old. Tell me what you think! Do you think they look alike?

We attempted to play outside a couple nights ago as we do as often as possible. This has seemed to be an impossible feat as of late due to the rain or the massive amount of mosquitos. We only braved the bugs for a few minutes but our niece, Jaimee, found lots of snail shells and a few snails. The kids were VERY fascinated by them.

Kyle is REALLY into saying cheese and posing when I pull out the camera! Here is his latest pose along with his favorite buddy and cousin, Jocelyn.

My Elijah is quite the character! I just love his little personality. . .or maybe I should say big personality! He also has an amazing memory! He sees or hears something once and we know we will hear about again at some point. Well, Elijah saw a commercial for a snuggie several months ago. He said he wanted one(as he does EVERYTHING he sees) but I just passed it off and thought nothing more about it. Last night, Elijah got under the load of towels that I hadn't folded and said, "look Mommy, I'm pretending like I have a snuggie!"

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