Tuesday, August 28, 2012

OKC, Haircut, and Day One

 I am behind in blogging again. . imagine that! So, here is an attempt to somewhat "catch up".

OKC Trip
We decided to get out of Amarillo for a few days as a family.  We went to OKC the first weekend in August.  YES, we were the crazy people who vacationed to the city that was having 115 degree days and crazy fires.  But, we had a great weekend!

Bricktown-It was HOT! We ate dinner at Spaghetti Warehouse and walked around Bricktown for  a bit before heading to the hotel.

Elijah with his balloon sword
Annabella's new favorite face. . .and where she hung out a lot, in her stroller
Kyle at the fountain in Bricktown

 Hotel Swimming-The pool in the hotel is what the boys were most excited about! I didn't dare take the camera down there so no pictures to document the fun.

Elijah and Kyle ready to go swim

Like I said. . .new favorite face! I wanted a picture in her cute little speedo but it never happened.
 Zoo-We ate breakfast at the hotel that morning and headed out to the zoo.  We figured the earlier the better.  We had low expectations of how long we would last.  BUT, the kids were all troopers(especially Annabella) and we made it four hours.  We probably only got to half of the zoo but we had a great time!

My boys! There was a husband/wife team doing ice sculptures and giving out free snow cones!! 

My precious girl LOVED the zoo

I'll be honest, this TERRIFIED me!! I held it together for the boys! haha!

Ricky and the lorikeet

Elijah, who is scared of so many things, REALLY wanted to hold one of the lorikeets.  He never could catch one but we were blown away at how brave he was. 

Annabella LOVES animals but we didn't realize just how much until we went to the zoo.  She enjoyed feeding the giraffes more than her brothers! (And I turned my head right after this picture and panicked at that HUGE tongue being so close to us!)

Kyle tried to feed the giraffes but he wasn't nearly as impressed as his sister.

Daddy loves his baby girl! 

We decided to take a break from the heat and walking with a train ride.  This little transportation lover enjoyed every minute of it! 
Did I mention it was HOT?


That face!!!

Her second favorite was the chimpanzees. . .which we all loved because the room had AC!

After the zoo, we went back to the hotel for an attempt at a nap.  NO ONE napped! So, we went to see my Uncle Jeff and his family.  They have an amazing house with a VERY cool pool! It was SO nice to cool down and swim.  I honestly didn't think Elijah was ever going to get out! They treated us to a pizza dinner and we had a great time visiting after. (And I'm sad :( to say that I took 0 pictures!)

Chesapeake Energy Arena-Sunday morning we got up and headed back to Bricktown to see the arena. Now, if you don't know, we are all HUGE LeBron James and Miami Heat fans! Kyle was CONVINCED that LeBron was going to be there! He loves LeBron just as much, if not more, than Ricky and I do.  He asks me on a DAILY basis if LeBron can come babysit him! ha! So, Ricky wore his "Earned Not Given" shirt for a photo op in front of the arena. :)

OKC Memorial-After the arena, we headed to the memorial.  Our last visit to the memorial, Elijah was 2 1/2.  He really understood what he was seeing this time.  He was very emotional and took it all in.
My sweet, sensitive little guy

My babies with the Survivor Tree
Kyle writing his 'message'.  He drew a building made new. :)

Elijah writing his message.  He drew Jesus weeping. 

 Ricky writing his message.


We ended our weekend by stopping by the Outlet Mall to grab some great deals during Oklahoma's tax free weekend.  We had such a great family weekend.  We are hoping to go back to OKC in the fall to enjoy the zoo and other activities when it is COOLER! :) 

1st Haircut                                       Annabella was in DESPERATE need of a haircut! I am new to this girl thing so I wasn't sure where to take her.  Ricky called our friend Sonia and she said she could get her in! I was so excited! :) 

Before front and back

Annabella did great! I think that all the cool things painted on the walls really helped!

MUCH better! Annabella after front and back

1st Day of School
My sweet boys! 
Elijah Mikal-2nd grade
I can't believe it! 
Kyle Brooks-pre-k
I can't believe my baby boy is in school!

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