Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Elijah's new "two beds"

Elijah is a tall kid. . .always has been! He was born at 21 and 3/4 inches! He has always been at least in the 90th percentile in his height. Well, he was still sleeping in his cute, tiny, adorable little toddler bed(part of me doesn't want to let go of that little toddler boy)! Now, I don't want you to think I was torturing my child. . .he still fit. . .it was just a much snugger fit than I was comfortable with. So, my amazing parents told us they would buy Elijah a bed for Christmas/Birthday (since beds are expensive and the two are so close together). The day we mentioned this to Elijah he declared that he wanted "two beds". I'm not exactly sure where he learned of these "two beds" or bunk beds but he had his heart and mind set on them. We found the perfect beds for him at Kidspace (I had never really seriously looked there but they have some great stuff!)! We picked the beds up last Friday. Since Elijah was at a friends and then on to the movies we were hurriedly trying to "surprise" him by having the beds all together and made when he got home. Lets just say that the beds took a tad bit longer than we anticipated(plus we had a few errors in the assembly. . .but they are all fixed now)! Elijah, however, was delighted when he got home to see some of the process. He loves his new "two beds" and can't wait for the day that his Daddy and Mommy are brave enough to let him sleep on the top!!

The finished product:

Elijah climbing his ladder:

Elijah on the top bunk:

Can you tell his excitement?

One last parting shot of my little guy! He will be four on the 25th!!! AAAHHH. . .where has the time gone??

My parents gave Ricky and I money for Christmas.  We invested that money in a good camera! This last picture is one of my favorites of Elijah so far! :) We are still learning but having a blast playing with our new toy! :)


Natalie Lowe said...

So cute!!! Happy Birthday to Baby Kyle!! love you guys!

ShainaW. said...

how cute!! :) love that kid!! hope y'all are well!