Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Kyle is ONE!!!

Kyle, our sweet little Kyle, turned one last Friday! It was such a fun day! I got to take the day off and just stay home with him! He is such a doll and so fun to be around! We celebrated his actual birthday together as a family complete with cupcakes. His party was Saturday! We had a great day!!!


The cupcake I made him. . .he actually ate the ENTIRE thing!!!

His personal cake. . .he never made it past the icing but he sure did have fun with it!

Kyle and his friend, Benjamin Simmons(who is only 5 months old!!!! You can't tell but he is bigger than Kyle! We keep warning him not to try to make Ben mad! haha )

This isn't very good of either of them but it was the best we got. . .this is Kyle and his friend, Chava Nuckols 

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Becky Dietz said...

Happy birthday, Kyle!!