Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sloppy Joes and a Birthday

You may be wondering what sloppy joes have to do with a birthday! Well, it has been so long since I have posted that I decided to combine two posts together! 

First,  Elijah turned 4 on January 25! We had his party that Saturday and it sure was fun.  This was the first year that his "classmates" were invited to his party! Most of his class came and they were too cute! Because Elijah IS Peter Parker/Spiderman that was our theme! (Side story: the week of E's birthday, they sang to him during chapel time at school.  He stood up during the song, held his hand up and stopped them.  He declared, I am NOT Elijah, I am AM Peter Parker! Oh that kid. . . .) Here are some pics of the fun:

My Beautiful Birthday Boy

Spiderman came to the party!! (Thanks Matt!!!)

Spiderman and Little Spidies (some of them. . .one little girl was TERRIFIED of him! haha)

The chaos of opening presents. . .

Getting Venom. . .with silly string

On to the sloppy joes. . . .

Going back to WT, I was, I think, the ONE person that didn't dread going to the Wesley, BSM, etc for free lunch. I LOVED it because more often then not they served my FAVORITE. . . SLOPPY JOES! From as far back as I can remember, I have LOVED sloppy joes! Well, I married about the least picky eater in the world but guess what is the ONE thing he doesn't really care for. . .you guessed it. . . sloppy joes!!! My Mom shares the love with me so EVERY time we go to Guymon she treats me with them! Other than that, I don't get them very often! But tonight. . . .oh what a night! I came home from school to find Ricky standing at the stove cooking none other than SLOPPY JOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a sweet, sweet man!!! This of course was Kyle's first go round with them so pictures were a must!

Elijah enjoying his sloppy joe!

Kyle didn't really know what to think at first but ended up eating his fair share!


Becky Dietz said...

What cute kids and what a good husband...

Natalie Lowe said...

Elijah is such a hoot! And that's cool about Ricky cooking sloppy joes. I actually knew he didn't like them so I'm amazed.....he must have been in trouble or something?? haha I miss you guys!

Stef said...
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