Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Prayers Please (2nd Post)

Ricky and I would really appreciate your prayers for Elijah! He has had a tummy ache for the last 5 days(so bad that he won't stand up to walk but instead crouches over).  He spiked a fever of 104 at school on Monday.  He has been to the doctor twice with no clear reason for his symptoms.  They have not ruled out appendicitis but don't really feel like that is what it is (he doesn't wince when his tummy is pushed).  When we went today, the doctor prescribed a tummy relaxer given to patients with ulcers.  We are praying that this will help and he will feel 100% better soon!!! 

I know this is sad but I couldn't help taking a picture. . .he felt so bad that he fell asleep playing the DS! 

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ShainaW. said...

hey y'all. hope elijah is doing better! kiss both boys for us and have a wonderful long weekend! summer is almost here!!