Monday, July 27, 2009

Our First Camping Adventure Post 2

Camping Trip continued. . . 

Kyle taking his afternoon nap outside and in the shade 


My Cousin Alex and Elijah riding the tube. . .he loved this which really surprised me

Elijah and I riding the tube.  If you look closely, he is shooting webs! haha

One final boat ride Thursday evening. . . 

Grandma and Kyle

Grandpa and Elijah. . .beginning of the ride

Uncle Tim and Kyle driving the boat

Kyle LOVED driving! :) 

Elijah and Grandma . . .end of the ride! I think he fell asleep every time he road the boat.  He even fell asleep with Alex on the tube at one point! 

Grandpa took Kyle to the front of the boat for the ride back to camp. . . don't you love his new do?

My cousin Christopher is a student at KU and didn't get to come out until Thursday evening.  Elijah took a liking to him immediately! My cousin Kirsten, Christopher's sister, has a picture of Michael Phelps on her phone.  Elijah and her were looking at the pictures a few minutes before Christopher arrived.  We watch swimming whenever it is on T.V. so Elijah is very aware of who Michael Phelps is.   When Christopher pulled up, Elijah said there he is!!! And ran and told Michael Phelps hello! So, Christopher is now lovingly referred to as Uncle Phelps by Elijah! :) Christopher is amazing with kids.  They played and played!  
My family loves pictures! My Mom has compiled an amazing scrapbook for my grandparents over the years.  So, every time we are together (it seems) we take a grandkid line-up picture! Not as many of the cousins were able to attend this year but here we are! :) 

6 of the 17 Weis grandkids. . .in birth order(and no, I am not the oldest! there are 4 in front of me that weren't there but isn't it sad that I am the shortest?!?!)
Kallie, Alex, Christopher, Addison, Kirsten, Austin 
The Reynolds and Garzon families

Elijah not long into the drive home. . . 

Kyle at the same point in the drive. . . 

We always eat more junk food on trips than normal.  The boys enjoyed sharing a package of brite crawlers! 

They thought this was a hilarious game!

On the way home, we stopped in OKC to eat at Toby Keith's I Love This Bar and Grill.  
(getting all 3 of my boys to look at the camera seems to be impossible!!)

We are anxious to attend the next Weis Family camping trip in 2011!!! :) 

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