Saturday, July 25, 2009

Our Summer Post 3

We went to a Dillas game.  It was awfully hot but once the sun went down we enjoyed ourselves. 

Elijah really does NOT enjoy taking pictures.  This is the best one we could get.  .but I LOVE it! 

I got to see a very dear friend of mine from high school, Mandy and her husband, Anthony.  And, I got to meet her beautiful little girl Kherrington.  

She was hungry and ready for Mommy by the time we got to picture taking.  haha
Elijah went to stay with my parents for a week.  I had never realized how much Elijah entertains Kyle.  He definitely missed his brother and was glad to see him when we picked him up! Here are a few pictures of what Kyle did while Elijah was gone: 

Played cymbals while wearing a fancy costume

He played with this empty bubbles bottle for about an hour.  But, the thing that amazes me the most is how he is sitting. . .wish I could do that! :) 

 A good friend of mine convinced me to do a mini-spring marathon with her at the Town Club.  While I was a competitive swimmer in my youth, I haven't swam in years.  I hadn't ridden a bike since junior high.  And still, I agreed.  

Kallie, Missy, Becky, and Kennedy(she competed in the youth race)

Swimming. . .I won this part for the females! wahoo

Biking . . .this part took me FOREVER!! Don't ya love my $10 Target helmet!  hehe

Heading out for the run. . . this part was amazingly not bad

Heading to the finish line. . . 

After the race with my medal. . .I am very proud of my finishers medal  even if Ricky does say it is celebrating mediocracy! hehe 

I had NEVER imagined that I would enjoy this event but I did.  Becky won, I got 6th, and Missy got 8th! We have all decided we will do another triathlon. . .just actually train first! :) 


Becky Dietz said...

Wow! I'm impressed!!

The Cartwright's said...

I had a blast. I am so glad you agreed to participate in the tri... and we didn't get last!!! Next year with more than 9 days of training we will rock!!!

amy wright said...

How great!! How many females participated? I'm so proud of all you girls!
Jay's brother was also in that race.

amy wright said...

Oh, and I didn't realize how many people went to the Dilla's games. We never went while we lived there, and we should have!