Saturday, July 25, 2009

Our Summer Post 1

I have been absolutely awful about blogging this summer.  I really thought not teaching everyday would give me more time to do so but that has yet to happen.  So, here is a quick overview of our summer. 

We made Jell-O Jigglers.  Elijah called his Patrick and refused to eat him for about 15 minutes.  Kyle on the other hand enjoyed his immediately. 

The boys prefer me to fill up this container with water over their swimming pool.  They entertain themselves for hours like this. . . even if it is a little gross! :) 

My sister-in-law was in Borger for a week so we drove up to visit her and her beautiful kids.  We had a great time at the splash pad.  We went out to eat at JT's and had snow cones.  It was a fun day.  Our niece Jaimee got to come home with us and stay the night.  Elijah thinks she is pretty special! :) 

Kyle finally got in as we were getting ready to leave. 
Sure wish I knew what these two were talking about! :)
Elijah does this with ANY kind of water. . .he was teaching Jonah the skill. . .not sure Stef was thrilled about that one! 
Our sweet, little niece, Jocelyn
Beautiful Jaimee

Kyle Bear

Take 1. . .there were a lot of these . . .

Take 15?. . .at least

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