Saturday, July 7, 2012

Baby. . .

Kyle, our sweet, adorable, helpful, cuddly, mischievous, wild tempered, funny, 4 1/2 year old, has a lovie/snuggle/comfort/whatever you want to call it.  This isn't necessarily a bad thing but one that I do not know when nor how to address with him of breaking.  Kyle has a blanket. It started out innocently enough when he was a TINY baby.  Someone gave him an ADORABLE Swankie Blankie security blanket.  I thought it was so cute that I gave it to him a lot when he was little.  He was my easiest baby and rarely fussed.  But, when he did, his little blanket would do the trick and calm him down.  As he got older, he wanted a bigger blanket.  We had some "silkies" that Elijah had used as a baby so in true second born form, Kyle got the hand-me-down blankets.  Somehow, this has evolved into something I NEVER imagined! Kyle is rarely without a "baby".  I'm not exactly sure when he started but long ago he started calling his blankets baby.  We started out with a "blue baby" and "yellow baby".  "Blue baby" sadly got lost but was replaced with another "yellow baby"(that is identical to the old "yellow baby" so thankful to have 2!!).  We also added "brown baby" that stays at school.  (Before I go on, I will tell you that he is not allowed to carry his blankets around outside of the house.  IF he takes it with us, it is left in the car.  But, for the most part, "babies" stay at home!) "Babies" have become a way of life around our house.  We know that a baby MUST be present at nap and bedtime.  He, himself, will tell you that "he"(yes, all of his babies are boys) makes him feel better when he is sad.  "Baby" is not only for sleeping but also a  toy and sometimes even a playmate! Most of the pictures I have of "baby" are when Kyle is sleeping but I assure you that a baby is nearby in MOST pictures.  Honestly, I haven't given much thought to this.  But, two nights ago as I was on yet ANOTHER frantic search for the lost baby at bed time, I wondered if/when Kyle would give up his blanket.  All three of our kids weaned themselves both from being nursed and from the bottles.  None of our kids used the pacifier past two months.  But, this blanket, this blanket maybe a little bit trickier.  Now, I'm not saying that I'm ready or wanting him to give up his beloved "baby" just yet.  I just hadn't really thought about it until Tuesday night.  What will this look like? Will it happen on it's own? Will it be a battle? Will he go to college with his blanket? Or worse, will he still have it when he gets married? I'm really not sure! But, I do know that Kyle LOVES his blanket and for now, these blankets make naps/bedtime and sad situations a LOT better!

Just for fun, I went through and found pictures of Kyle with his baby.  I didn't have any with his Swankie Blankie or his "brown baby"(that one is for school) but I did find LOTS of pictures with the other two.  Here are just a few!
Kyle with "blue baby" at 8 months 

Kyle and "yellow baby" at 1 year

Kyle and "blue baby" taking a nap during our family camping trip

Cheesy grin with "Blue Baby" in the car!  

Aunt SeSe, Kyle and "Yellow Baby" 18 months

21 months

Sharing "yellow baby" with Pandy at 

This is how we see baby the most. . .tucked in to bed with him.

"Yellow Baby" was a racetrack on this particular day

Not exactly sure what he was doing here but "yellow baby" was part of the fun!

Sleeping boy and his "yellow baby"

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Aimee Nicole said...

Such asweeatheart. I pray the weaning in quick and painless. Ive been a little concerned that we would have to wean "monkey" from Mali eventually, but monkey was left at my brother's house last week and she was fine. She grabbed onto a bear for the few days it took to ship. Lol. He going to be so embarrassed as he teen, wont he? I wish they could stay itty bitty forever.